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I’m Conor MacMahon. I grew up in Northern Ireland, studying Moving Image Arts. I then moved to Bradford, West Yorkshire to study Film and Television Production and stayed for many years working at a number of different organisations.

I now live in London and work as a freelance videographer full-time.

If you find yourself in need of a professional video that will capture your brand’s essence and elevate your marketing efforts, I can produce high-quality videos for your business that will meet your individual needs. I have experience working with a wide variety of clients, each with their own unique vision.

I have had the pleasure of providing quality videos to various educational establishments. I thrive in these environments and I am comfortable working in these settings. I can adapt to the unique needs and requirements of each organisation.

If you are looking for a unique and captivating way to capture footage for your project, I can offer you my services in aerial drone videography. I am able to capture stunning, high-quality footage from above, giving you a fresh perspective and a whole new level of visual interest.

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