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I made a short video for Bradford City Council showing off the beautiful architecture the city holds. I was camera operator, drone operator and editor for this production.

I provided aerial footage for BBC’s Children in Need in Halifax, West Yorkshire. With my CAA Permission for Commerical Operation, this provided me with the tools to fly in Halifax Town Centre safely and legally.

I filmed and edited a video of a charity park run for my University’s video production group (Bradford Student Productions).

I captured aerial footage of Waterloo, London. With my aviation experience and permits, I was safely and legally able to fly in this congested area.

Every week in my University’s Student Union, I film and photograph musicians who come in and perform. After the performance, I interview them live on radio.

I was camera operator for a wrestling event hosted by BWE (British Wrestling Entertainment). For the first half, I operated a camera on a pedestal. For the second half, I operated a shoulder camera on the ringside.

I was a production runner for BBC’s “The Big Questions”. I Helped production team with errands, spent time on “The Big Questions” set and outside broadcast truck (operated by CloudBass) and escorted speakers to the green room.